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We love demanding customers insisting on stable quality and supply, better services and lower prices. To meet those demands, we have been striving to simplify and shorten our supply chains, make them more transparent and offering total traceability.

We have unique access to top quality, sustainable seafood resources in the North Atlantic and have built strategic partnerships with the area’s key seafood harvesters.

Icelandic  brings products to market quickly and efficiently, ensuring that our fresh fish is some of the finest available anywhere in the world.

Fresh fish

In today's demanding marketplace, we excel in the quality of our chilled, line-caught fish. Thanks to a partnership wit... More

Frozen fish

Icelandic Group offers an extensive range of products, based on a wide variety of fish, shrimp and shellfish.More


Icelandic Group maintains and strengthens its position as a trusted partner by making every effort to ensure that its p... More

Icelandic worldwide

Icelandic Group has operations in U.S and Europe. Our headquarters are in Reykjavik, Iceland. More