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Icelandic Group Begins MSC Full Assessment for all Cod and Haddock Fisheries in Iceland

26.10.2010 16:18
Icelandic Group has begun a process of sustainability certification of all cod and haddock fisheries in Iceland to the standard of the Marine Stewa...

The Saucy Fish Co. wins coveted prize

03.05.2010 18:12
Saucy Fish Co. a product line owned by Seachill a subsidiary of Icelandic Group recently won a coveted prize at the prestigious Seafood Prix d’Elit...

Our Line of Work

24.04.2010 11:49
Icelandic Group has released a brochure depicting the company from the ocean to the customers plate.

Icelandc Group attends The European Seafood Exposition

22.04.2010 11:11
Arguably the Worlds largest seafood fair The European Seafood Exposition commences April 27th. Buyers and sellers from over 140 countries around th...

Icelandic Market Day held again

12.02.2010 03:41
The Icelandic Market Day was resurected this year on February 12th. Speakers from all corners of the Icelandic world shared their experiences and v...